Maria S
Having run my business in the region for some time now, I am aware of the challenges one faces in getting the sustainability message heard and   acted on.   We are well past the time when sustainability was just a good-thing-to-do, an optional extra. There is now an urgent need for dramatic  lifestyle changes – for both individuals and organisations. Ayesha is helping us to do just that through her ethical and sustainable fashion – and she is doing it with her typical flair, passion and entrepreneurial drive. Her designs are unique blends of high end trendiness with a strong Arabic flavour. I’m very proud of Ayesha’s progress in a short space of time – she will go far!
Maria S – Founding Director, Sustainability Advisory Group

Asil Attar






I have had the pleasure of mentoring and working with the remarkably talented Ayesha Siddequa, who is a designer and also the Creative Director of Future Fashion. One of the most captivating characteristics of this passionate designer is her vision for a sustainable and ethical luxury goods. The pioneering approach to design beautiful collection for a modern day women who can have the luxury of quality, design and conscious clothing is inspiring.

Ayesha’s ambitious approach to regionally and globally reach her audience is limitless. She is an ambassador for the Middle East and constantly looks at new ways to educate the consumer as to the importance of ethical fashion and its impact on the community.

Ayesha’s ethics and integrity are at the forefront of her business philosophy which is the key to a successful brand as she always leads by example.

Asil Attar – CEO, Leads Associstes